Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Barrett loved Easter! He ran so fast during the Easter Egg hunt. Tay right before was telling me we should have practiced with him so he would know what to do, but man he ran down those eggs. He colored them too, but it was easy to tell he thought that was sort of sissy compared to the hunt.

Goofy Kid

It's crazy when your kid gets just as excited about Cafe Rio as you.


Barrett and Taylor Loved the Zoo! Bear just blew the monkey's kisses all day!

Labor Day

I have had a best friend since 4th grade...Bridget Bluth! She came to visit me in Sept. on Labor Day. Congrats on getting married Bee!!!

Our House

We have almost lived here for 1 year and all my of friends still have not seen my house! so here it is! We still need to buy more furniture though. Our goal is to get grass too!