Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I had such a good time with my parents in Gilbert over Thanksgiving. In fact, it was amazing! The weather was beautiful and we even went out to dinner. We went to Olive Garden. I loved every serving of my unlimited soup and salad. My kids behaved like heaven sent angels. I sat and ate the whole time. I never got up once to chase a kid or bounce Bella. This is just such a rare occasion I had to write about it! Thanks mother for buying our just added to my night:) JAna, Kelli and Kyle I am sad you guys weren't there! 


Joy said...

Hey Alison!
I'm glad you found me on here, it's fun catching up with old friends. Your kids are so cute, and I can't believe how old Bear is! Bella looks like a doll, and I love her name! The train Park looks fun, I'll have to take Dallin there when he's older.

The Wiltbanks said...

Really, you got the padres to take you all out to dinner? What's up with that? They owe us one. Glad you had fun in the valley.